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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistants are called Mrs A Thirlby and Miss P Simpson.

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Spellings week beginning 30/4/18 Year 3 and Year 4

Spring Term 2018

Sport:  We are very proud of our tag rugby team who won the Cluster Tag Rugby Tournament on 8th March 2018.  We were very pleased to hear about their good sportsmanship as well as their excellent rugby skills.

Science:  This half term we have been investigating different forces.  The children have been setting up their own 'fair tests' to find out the effects of friction on graffiti and to find out the strengths of different magnets.

We have just begun a new block of learning, focusing on plants.  The children set up experiments to find out what a plant needs to grow.  Unfortunately some plants were harmed during this experiment but there was fantastic learning!!  Scroll down to see some of the children sharing their findings on video.  Please note not all children wanted to be filmed and we can only upload one clip at a time so the clip will change every Wednesday until all the clips have been shown.

Maths: We are currently learning about fractions in maths.  Our year 3's enjoyed using objects around the classroom to find fractions of objects; making these fantastic posters.