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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistants are called Mrs A Thirlby and Miss P Simpson.

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Home work task.  We are writing a disaster story in class at the moment.  I have asked the children to consider which item they could not leave behind if they had to evacuate their house quickly.  They know they will already be wearing clothes, be evacuating with family and pets and travelling by car.  If they are able to bring in the item for Monday's lesson that will be great.  If their chosen item is too valuable either sentimentally or in monetary terms they can photograph or draw it.  Thank you, Miss Morris

Summer Term 2018


 Wow, what a busy term we are having in year 3 and 4.  There is a buzz of excitement mixed with nerves as our year 4's embark on their final term at Crowle CE First School while the year 3's ready themselves to step into the year 4's shoes as the oldest pupils in the school.

Maths - We are loving the new maths curriculum and we are now able to apply our maths skills in problem solving and reasoning tasks.  This skill will help us face the mathematical challenges we will face as we continue our journey through school and into adulthood.  Miss Morris is positive that we need to learn about analogue clocks - although we are trying to convince her that they will be extinct soon.

English - We have been captivated by the book How to Train a Dragon.  Oli J became our resident expert.  We have used the book as a basis for a range of activities including writing character descriptions and action sequences.  We have also practised writing explanation texts.  Everyone agreed that our favourite lesson in the sequence was learning how to write a Shakespearean insult although Miss Morris thinks we enjoyed insulting her a little too much.

History - We are learning about the Normans and their lasting legacies this term.  We have had a mock battle, plotted Norman Castles on a map of the UK, learnt about the features of the Motte and Bailey castle.  The children in reception were a little alarmed to hear the amount of noise coming from our classroom when we held a market to sell various features.  We all thought our stall had the most important feature.   We are looking forward to building junk model castles later this term.  We would like to say thank you to Joe who has confidently shared his encyclopaedic knowledge of the Normans during our lessons.

RE - This term we have focused on festivals from a variety of faiths.  We are really enjoying using our investigative skills to find out about Eid, Easter, Passover etc.  We are becoming very confident in debating as part of philosophy for children.

PE - We enjoyed a very sunny sports day this year.  There were lots of winners but Miss Morris reminded us we should be proud of all the children in our class who find sports difficult but kept going even when they weren't winning.

Congratulations and well done.  There is a lot to be proud of in year 3 and 4 this term.  Chloe and Summer got through to the second round of the Radio 2, 500 word competition.  Jack has won a superstar award at Worcestershire's forthcoming Generation Can Awards for the super progress he has made in English this year.   The cross country team showed resilience and perseverance to come third in the cluster competition; Mrs Jackson was very proud of how they conducted themselves.  Finally a group of children performed at the Three Counties Show, again they showed the wider community what an asset our year 3 and 4 pupils are to the school.

Finally we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us this term - our parents, friends of Crowle, Mrs Brierly (practising for 3 counties) and Mrs Reynolds (maths).