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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistants are called Mrs A Thirlby and Miss P Simpson.

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Spring 2019


Wow what a busy term!  Miss Morris loves teaching year 3 and 4, especially in the spring term as they develop into caring, confident and committed pupils with a love of learning.  Year 3 and 4 demonstrate our school through everything they do.  They care for each other and their environment.  They have also demonstrated their caring nature by becoming courageous advocates supporting local and national charities.  Miss Morris has watched with pride as the children have developed in confidence as the older members of our school community.  The year 4's have taken on their new responsibilities with relish while supporting the year 3's.  Both year 3 and 4 pupils play an active part in open the book and family services.  The year 4's lead collective worship and take responsibility for mixed age groups during our themed days.  Their commitment to their learning, the school rules and each other is also demonstrated throughout the day, evidenced by their contribution to whole class and small group discussions, their progress across the curriculum and their participation in school and cluster events.  Miss Morris is always confident that a visitor can walk into her room and see engaged children who are developing both their knowledge and understanding through guided and independent learning.

Maths - When the school maths mascot flew into Crowle earlier this term.  The children were reminded that maths is for everyone and that everyone can do maths.  Youcan Toucan reinforced the message that we can learn together and that digging deeper to fully understand how we got to the answer is more important than the speed with which we get to the answer.  As a result the children are demonstrating resilience and willingness to make marvelous mistakes.  They can talk to each other using fluent mathematical language to reason and problem solve.  This term we have tackled some challenging maths as we looked at multiplication and division and more recently moved onto fractions.  The children have shown off their maths skills to a variety of visitors including their parents and Miss Morris is pleased to say the response from all visitors has been positive.  Miss Morris is particularly proud of Mason, Evie, Isla-Grace, Grace, George and Megan who have worked hard this term to quash their fear of maths.  They all confidently take part in class discussions and have participated as mini teachers - demonstrating to their peers how to tackle a problem.

English - Year 3 and 4 are fantastic writers because they understand that writing is for a purpose and that they need to adapt their style of writing to match the purpose.  The Write Stuff continues to offer the children the tools for effective writing.  Miss Morris is impressed by the children's commitment to challenging themselves to improve the vocabulary or grammar.  So far this term we have written diary entries linked to our topic, persuasive letters that were sent far and wide (Angus sent his to Germany), entered radio 2's 500 word competition and retold African tales and Saxon legends.  Miss Morris is secretly glad she no longer judges for radio as this years Crowle entries are superb and it would be difficult to narrow them down for final judging.  Miss Morris is particularly proud of Ethan and Toby who have pushed their writing on by taking risks with sentence structure and the introduction of increasingly ambitious vocabulary.

This half term our whole class guided reading lessons has focused on the meaning of song lyrics, which has led to some insightful discussions.  The children are becoming more confident in their inference skills and can read between the lines with ease.  The children are also using their time listening to Miss Morris read the class novel to word catch, their magpied words and phrases now regularly appear in their own writing.  

Miss Morris is pleased to report there are fewer errors with homophones following our focus last half term.  She hasn't read about any girls with long rabbits on their heads for quite some time.  In fact, Miss Morris often skips out of school as the children are putting what they learn in no nonsense spelling into their books.  The children's increased willingness to check and correct their own work is also saving the ink in Miss Morris' pen for useful tips and targets rather than corrections.

History/Geography - In the first half term they children focused their learning around a new topic called The Worlds Kitchen.  They really enjoyed finding out about where food comes from and how it is produced.  They spent time thinking about the process of producing a crop making links to their science knowledge about plants.  The children were shocked to discover how long coffee farmers spend harvesting by hand and how the back breaking job of planting rice is done while standing ankle deep in water.  Mrs Abbott was able to share her experiences about visiting China and joining rice farmers for a day.  We linked our PHSE learning to fair trade and global warming too.  This half we have taken our time machine back to Anglo-Saxon Britain, discovering that Henry is historian in the making!  We have found out where they came from, how they lived, what they ate and how they write.  The children were shocked to discover that children could drink beer in Saxon times but were not prepared to swap diets as we wouldn't be able to have chips or sausages!

Science - Plants linked to our World Kitchen project so we used our science lesson to investigate the what they need to grow, reproduce and which parts of the plants we eat.  There were lots of giggles when we acted out different ways seeds are transported.  Sophie was an excellent itchy sheep and there were some fantastic poos too!

RE - We have introduced a new syllabus called Understanding Christianity this term which the children are loving.  They have clearly demonstrated their understanding of the bible as a story starting with creation through to the Kingdom of God.  Mrs Roberts visited the class when they were working on the freeze and was in awe of the depth of their explanation of the abstract symbols that are used.

Congratulations and well done.  There is always a lot to be proud of when you teach year 3 and 4 but this term a big shout out goes to all the children who have had their 500 word stories successfully put through to external judging.  Every story was amazing and has the potential to do well.  A big thank you to all the readers who have taken part in our church service but a special mention has to go to Abigail who stepped in at the last minute to read Isla-Grace's prayer in her absence.  The rugby team did us proud when they took part in the recent cluster tournament - Miss Simpson and Mrs Abbott thoroughly enjoyed witnessing their sportsmanship first hand.  

Finally, Miss Morris would like to say thank you to everyone that makes being year 3 and 4 teacher so brilliant, she really couldn't do it without the dedication of the children, the tireless commitment of Miss Simpson, Mrs Thirlby and Mr Martin and the parents who continue to show their support.