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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistants are called Mrs A Thirlby and Miss P Simpson.

Year 3 and 4 Autumn Term Timetable

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Exciting Egyptians 

It's a disaster - Get me out of here!

Week beginning 12th November 2018 - Please send a carrier bag into school on Monday so the children can bring home all their amazing Egyptian crafts.  Tuesday the children will be utilising the forest school as part of our English lesson - they can wear old clothes to school and bring wellies or other suitable footwear to change into.  On Thursday we will be visiting the church to find out how it serves the community of Crowle.

Autumn Term 2018


We are now established as the new year 3 and 4 class at school.  Year 4 pupils have become excellent ambassadors for our school.  They are only 8 weeks into being the oldest pupils and they have already planned and lead collective worship, been responsible for a mixed-age groups of pupils at our recent Vision Day and Remembrance Day, devised a guided tour for visitors to our school and show prospective families and old friends around our school during our open morning.   Year 3 are showing increased independence and maturity as they embark on the next stage of their education as key stage 2 pupils. 

Maths - We have been working on the importance of understanding number and place value this term as it is the foundation for a great deal of the maths we will go onto learn over the year.  Over the last half term we tackled addition and subtraction using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods.  Regrouping/Exchanging has been challenging but we have got to grips it with it now.  We told Miss Johnson, who leads maths at Crowle, that we love no maths book days because we get to practise our newly acquired skills through a multi- sensory approach.  We are also sharpening our problem solving and reasoning so that we can explain our thinking.  Miss Morris has challenged us to use a 'great explanation' sentence starter when asked to explain what we did - this will hopefully stop people writing - I used my brain!!  Leo rose to that challenge this week when he explained part of the column addition method by saying, "I used base 10 to represent the number in case I needed to exchange."  Miss Morris was dancing with excitement.  

English - In English the whole school have been implementing the write stuff.  We 'sentence stack' a story through a series of guided writing sessions.  These are interspersed with experience days that help us to put ourselves in the centre of the story.  We then use the theme of our guided write to plan and write an independent story. Last half term we wrote a scary story based on the book Wolves In The Walls.  We linked our independent writes to our topic so that our scary stories were set in Egypt.  This half term we are writing a disaster story and later on we will be writing newspaper articles linked to natural disasters.  Olivia said, "I think the  write stuff is really helping us with our writing because we can use the fantastics and boomtastics."  Angus is so proud of his progress in writing this half term that his hand is always up to read out what he has written.

This half term our whole class guided reading lessons will focus on newspaper articles.  We also love our class read where we get to listen to Miss Morris read.  It's a great opportunity to magpie ideas for our own writing which we write up into a big floor book.  Miss Morris was pleased to see that Chloe had used a magpie from Roald Dahl in her independent writing.  Tabitha often magpies from JK Rowling.

In spelling we are working on homophones and near homophones as we find it hard to remember which spelling is correct when they are pronounced the same.  Miss Morris does not want to read about any more girls with long rabbits on their head!!

History/Geography - Last half term we were really excited to welcome back Mr Cadle - aka the History Man.  He lead a whole day of activities based on Exciting Egyptians.  The hands on activities really kick started our knowledge and understanding.  As we continued through the topic we sharpened our skills in map reading, drawing timelines and writing instructions and explanation texts.  Mrs Abbot was blown away with our knowledge when she walked into an on the spot quiz at the end of the lesson - we knew more answers than she did!  This half term we are focusing on geography as we investigate the causes of natural disasters around the world.

Science - This half term we are investigating rocks to support our understanding in geography.  Miss Morris loves chocolate so what better way is there to learn about rocks than by making and eating the different types of rocks.  Megan doesn't even like chocolate but she could still make fantastic links between her science and geography lessons.  Watching a clip of a volcano she  said, "that is molten rock, as it rises it will make igneous rock." 

RE - This term we are focusing on Christianity.  We enjoyed investigating what it is like to be a Christian in modern Britain.  We are becoming really confident in discussing our views and understanding of different religions as well as our christian values through our philosophy for children sessions.  Mrs Roberts, who is in charge of RE at Crowle, can see a real difference in how we present ourselves when she interviews us as part of voice of the pupil.

Congratulations and well done.  There is a lot to be proud of in year 3 and 4 already.  The children have had their WW1 inspired poetry published in a book produced for Crowle Village.  Rebecca, Lucy, Chloe, Tabitha, Sophie and Leo stepped in at the last minute to read at a family service.  Tabitha raised £105 when she asked Crowle CE First School to wear jeans for genes - she was amazed with the response and would like to thank everyone for their support.  Leo had a special mention from Jane Considine, who devised the write stuff, for his scary story - she thinks he will make a fantastic horror writer.  Lily May received a prize for raising a significant sum of money when the inspire athlete ran a sponsored event at school last half term.  Mason brought in 8 boxes for the shoebox appeal.  Finally, congratulations and good luck to Grace and Jake who will be cutting the ribbon at the official opening of The Shop at Crowle next weekend - we are sure they will be excellent ambassadors for our school.

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us this term - our parents, friends of Crowle, Miss Simpson, Mrs Thirlby and Mr Martin.  Miss Morris would also like to say a big thank you to every member of the year 3 and 4 class (from the youngest pupil to the oldest adult!) you are all the reason that she loves to come to school every day.  

Watch this space for updated photographs of the fun we have had learning since September.  Jack has done such a good job of putting the iPads away at the end of each day Miss Morris has to go back and find the ones with our photos on!