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Miss Morris' transition afternoons page

Welcome to year 3 and 4

Good afternoon year 3, 4 and any year 5's who have dropped by to see us.  I am sorry that we can't be together this week for transition but I hope that the activities that I have prepared will help us to get to know each other better.  Begin by watching the clip below and going on a tour of the classroom.

Classroom tour:  Before we begin, lets take a tour of our classroom.  It is currently set up for social distancing, but we hope the tables will be set up for you to work safely in groups with your friends.  The PowerPoint is here to download and read through by yourself or watch the video tour with Miss Morris posted below.  My classroom.

Year 5, I have uploaded the virtual tour of St Nics, unfortunately we don't have a video of Kings or RGS at the moment.


Birthday Cards:  In year 3 and 4 we like to celebrate your birthday with you.  Miss Morris has a special chest, containing a small gift from her and the birthday bag is full of wonderful handmade cards.  The only problem is the bag is running low on cards.  Use the white card in your pack to create a birthday card for the bag - I wonder who will get yours?

Write the following message inside


Have a very happy birthday!

Love from year 3 and 4

on the back write handmade by and add your name.

Return these to school by the 15.7.20

Postcards:  In your pack you have two postcards; one with your name on and one with mine.  Put the card with my name on somewhere safe.  Over the holidays draw a picture of something you have enjoyed doing and send it to me with a message about your holiday on the back.

On the card with your name on, draw a colourful picture of Miss Morris.  Remember to make me look wonderful and give me a great background too.  Return this to school by Wednesday 15th July and I will send you a message over the holidays too, telling you more about next term.

Year 4:  You have some writing paper, with a colourful border, in your packs.  Use this to write a letter introducing yourself to your new teacher.  Remember to keep in neat and check your spelling and punctuation!


Egyptian Portrait:  These will make a wonderful display in our classroom in September ready for our new topic.  You will need the sheet with your photo on and some felt tip pens.  Return these to school by the 15.7.20 so I can create a display over the summer holidays.  

Pharaoh PowerPoint

Year 4 Portraits: Following on from our discussion about the faces in the hall, I thought we could create leavers Portraits.  I wonder if you will still have green noses and mouths that fill your whole face?  Click on the picture below for an online lesson.

Paper Chain:  Listen to the story about a Giraffe who just wanted to dance.  I wonder what you wish you could do?  Write a hope, dream or target onto your colourful strip of paper and decorate the other side.  Return these to school by the 15.7.20 so that I can connect our dreams into a paper chain in the classroom.  May be you could tell everyone what you wrote using the comment box below.

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you didn't get too wet yesterday year 2 and that Zoe had a great birthday with her friends.


I hope you all had a good day yesterday.  Some of you will have been at the year 2 social hub, some at school with Mrs Jackson or Miss Morris and some of you will have been at home.  It will be so good when are all back together in our classroom.  Leave a comment in the class box about what you think our class rules should be?  I prefer positive ones like always smile or be kind to one another

All About Me Bunting: Complete the bunting so that I can display it in the classroom.  Keep it neat and don't forget to hand it back in to school next week so I can make a display.   There is a copy in your pack but if you need a spare, you can download it here. Return these to school by the 15.7.20


Puzzle Me Out:  Can you solve the clues to find out some more information about Morris?  Add all your answers together to find the total number.

Can you create a puzzle me out poster for Miss Morris and your friends to solve?  Return these to school by the 15.7.20

There is a marvelous mistake on the sheet - i live at 54 divided by 9 not 8!  Mys son is called Rhys.

Year 4:  Use the ideal world sheet in your pack to decide what you would do in an ideal world?  Have a go at writing your own what if questions to ask each other in the guestbook below.  If you need a spare sheet you can download it here. 

What if? activity


All About Me Bags:  Watch the clip of Miss Morris and her bag of tricks.  You are going to create your own bag ready to collect 5 things that will tell the rest of the class a little more about you when we get together in September.   Bring in on your first day back in September 2020

What If?  Use the ideal world sheet in your pack to decide what you would do in an ideal world?  Have a go at writing your own what if questions to ask each other in the guestbook below.  If you need a spare sheet you can download it here.  What if? activity  Return these to school by the 15.7.20

Year 4 Memories:  Use the A3 sheet of paper to create a pictorial representation of your first five years at school.  You could divide your paper into sections and group memories by year group or theme e.g. friends, achievements, trips etc.  I would love to see them when they are completed so send me a picture or better still bring them to our Leavers service.

Miss Morris would love to hear from you all over the week, so leave your messages here.


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Dexter E(less than a month ago)

Hi Miss Morris, I can't wait to be in your class, I love your orange hair. Can I be security rep please or milk monitor.

Miss Morris(about a month ago)

Thank you Athena, I will pop your name on the list. I am looking forward to catching up with you on Wednesday.

Athena(about a month ago)

Hi Morris, I would like to be a playground pal or do the hymn books please.

Miss Morris(about a month ago)

Wow that is a lot of question marks Seb. I will put you on the list. It was lovely to see you yesterday.

SebastianGee(about a month ago)

hi miss morris can I be a security or playground pal please ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Miss Morris(about a month ago)

Hi Eva, I had to do some research but I think I would go for Burj Al Arab. I am not a fan of heights but I think watching the sunset from here would be amazing, also I liked how they don't cram the space with lots of rooms and people so it feels more spacious. Which would you prefer?

Miss Morris(about a month ago)

Hi everyone, for those who haven't heard me go on and on about my son his name is Rhys, spelt this way.

Eva(about a month ago)

Which would you prefer to visit... the Burj Khalifa or the Burj Al Arab?

Mimi(about a month ago)

Hi Miss Morris, on Thursday in the transition thing, on puzzle me out, you say that your son has something amount of letters but I don't know which way to spell the name, so I can count the letters in it, because I remember you saying that Rhys spells his name the other way and I am a bit confused .Please can you tell me which way you mean ???

Isla M(about a month ago)

For next year please can I be Hymn Book Monitor and Playground Pal and Security? I would really enjoy these. Thank you.

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