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Welcome to Reception's class page


Our class teacher is called Mrs A Roberts and our teaching assistant is Miss P Simpson.

Mrs L Lindsay teaches Reception on a Monday. 


School Day Information:

  • Monday children have PE. Please ensure their PE kit is clearly labelled with their name.
  • Thursday children have "Show and Tell."
  • Friday they have Forest School.  Please don't send in any clothes you don't mind getting messy.
  • We ask that you hear your child ready EVERY night - and that you sign their reading diary each day to allow for communication between teacher and parent re your child's reading achievements and next steps.
  • Children will be given homework every Friday.  We would ask that this is returned to school no later than Wednesday of the next week, to enable teachers to mark the work and prepare for the next weeks homework.
  • Children will be given a library book and a maths game every Friday, these are to be kept at home until the following Friday, when they will be exchanged for a new one.

Children will need to bring a named water bottle in with them every day, and a healthy snack.  They will also need their packed lunch (if you don't choose to have a lunch provided by the school.)


Curriculum Information:

Autumn Term Timetable

Autumn Term Homework

Knowledge Organisers for every topic

RE Knowledge Organiser - I am Special

RE Knowledge Organiser - Incarnation

RE Knowledge Organiser - Salvation

RE Knowledge Organiser - Which places are special and why

RE Knowledge Organiser - Which stories are special and why

RE Knowledge Organiser - Creation


Phonic Resources to support you at home: 

Mrs Abbott sent you a video to talk to you about how we support children's phonic journey at Crowle First School.  You were also sent home the Phase 2 Phonic sounds, words for your child to practise blending and the "Tricky Words" (that children just need to be able to sight read.)  Please find these resources below also:

Parent Phonic Power point

Phase 2 Phonic Sounds

Phase 2 Phonic Sounds Mat

Phase 2 words to blend

Phase 2 words to blend (2)

Phase 2 Tricky Words (they just need to know them!)

 EYFS Common Exception Words


Maths Resources to support you at home:

We follow a mastery maths curriculum at Crowle First School.  This is to enable all children to have a deep understanding of number; what it looks like, what it represents, where it falls on a number line etc.  These powerpoints can be used at home for you to support your child on learning about numbers:

All about number 1                                     All about number 6

All about number 2                                     All about number 7

All about number 3                                     All about number 8

All about number 4                                     All about number 9

All about number 5                                     All about number 10

Art Day - October 2020

The children  began by collecting natural objects in Forest School and using these to create their own nature pictures. 

Then, this afternoon they looked at colour wheels and mixed paints to make a range of colours.  Children also used the media of rollers, paints and crayons to create their own art work.  The children were all enthralled and produced fantastic works of art, using a range of media.  We have a class of little artists!


Around the Reception Classroom

We are aware that this year we have been unable to invite the Reception parents in to the classroom as much as we would like.  We therefore wanted to share with you some elements of our classroom environment:

We have a goodie jar in each classroom.  When a child demonstrates that they are caring, confident or committed to their learning an adult will tell them to put a cube in the goodie jar.  As a collective, when the goodie jar is full, the children get to decide what their treat is going to be.

We have shapes up in the room, to celebrate the successes of the children.  Children's names are added to the shapes to demonstrate all the wonderful things they can do; such as help to tidy up, share with their peers, sit nicely on the carpet, listen carefully, say please and thank you etc.  I think all the children are on all the shapes - so well done Reception!

Children have been working really hard to learn their phonic sounds, and to begin to read CVC words with these sounds in.  So far they have learn s, a, t, p, i, n, d, m, c and k.  Our phonics board is used to remind children about all the sounds they have learnt, and to use it as a reminder of what the letter looks like when they are writing the sounds.  

We also like to put the children's work up on the wall to celebrate all their hard work.  This week, following on from our trip to Smite Farm, children have been creating Autumnal pictures.  These are displayed for us all to see our hard work.

Finally, we have a number line up in the room.  Children need to be able to recognise the written number but also to be able to count out the correct amount of objects to represent that number.  We want children to have a deep understanding of number and use numicon to support children's understanding.  We use a five frame and ten frame to see how a number also looks on these, and children also use their fingers to represent numbers and look for a number representation on a dice.  It is important that children see the number 4 in a range of ways, but still recognise that it is the same number but just in a different form.

Smite Farm - October 2020

The children had a wonderful time at Smite Farm.  They used their senses to explore the woodland.  They then collected autumn objects, to create pieces of art work.  We were so impressed with every child.  Well done Reception!

Phonics at Crowle First School

Mrs Abbott sent out a parents video regarding how we teach phonics at Crowle First School.  As part of this, she discussed the importance of ensuring you use the correct pronunciation of the sound.  Please find below a video to support parents with how to say the sounds correctly.  As always, should you need any further support then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Week beginning 08.09.20

What a fantastic time we have been having at school! We have been exploring new places, trying new things and making new friends. We hope that you enjoy seeing some of the things that we have been up to.


Week beginning 11.09.20

What a great first full day at school we have had! The sun was shining so we took the opportunity to practice our fine and gross motor skills outside with some water and chalks. There was some lovely teamwork taking place when we built a road. We enjoyed our first lunchtime at school and we all ate lots, which gave us energy for our first PE lesson, where we played some games and explored the equipment. 

Week beginning 21.09.21

We have been improving our fine motor skills by exercising our hands and fingers with play-dough and then making shapes and cutting around them with scissors. 

This afternoon we showed how independent we are when we got changed into our full PE kits. We were very good at listening and organising our clothes. We went outside and explored different ways of travelling, jumping and avoiding obstacles around our playground. 

Our first Forest School session was a lot of fun! We explored our new area, investigated new plants and creatures that we found and put on a show in our outdoor theatre.


Today we have been learning about rectangles and we tried to make as many things as we could using only the rectangular bricks. Some of us managed to make the initial of our name and some of us made some interesting models. 

We have been making our own lavender play-dough, which we then got to explore the feel and smell of. 

05.10.2020 We have been using our fine motor skills today to practice making shapes with water and to sort different objects. Can you tell how we chose to sort them/


07.10.2020 Today we have been to visit Crowle church to learn about our local place of worship. We met our vicar, Reverend Morris, and he showed us all the features of the church. 

16.10.2020. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Lower Smite Farm today. We different  picked apples from the orchard, investigated how seeds travel to find a new home, made different patterns and used our five senses to explore the woodland. 

19.10,2020 Today, as part of our Finger Gym fine motor skills practice, we have been using mini hole punches to make leaf garlands and interesting pictures. We also used the play dough to take part in dough disco! 

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This week we made some Harvest soup. We really enjoyed chopping the vegetables and we wanted the recipe on the website so that we could make the soup at home too!



1 onion

3 carrots

1 parsnip

1 small swede

1 tin of tomatoes

1 vegetable stock

salt and pepper

mixed herbs

water- enough to cover the vegetables


  1. Chop the vegetables into small chunks.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a pan.
  3. Bring to the boil and simmer until cooked.
  4. Blend to required consistency.
  5. Add some grated cheese if desired.
  6. Enjoy!


Today in forest school we went on a shape hunt and made some of the shapes with different sticks we had collected. We also had great fun playing with the big leaf piles!

09.11.2020 As part of our Finger Gym today we have been painting with different objects, making shapes with elastic bands and using hole punches and pipe cleaners to create some sculptures.

09.11.2020 Today in music we have been exploring the different noises that each instrument can make and how we can make louder and quieter sounds with them. We all had to watch our conductor very carefully to see what sort of sounds we needed to make!

Our Classroom.

Under 'normal circumstances' parents would have the opportunity to come into our classroom on a regular basis, for Family Friday and parents' evening, but as this has not been possible this year, we thought we would show you some of the areas that you may have heard the children talking about!

This is our Green For Great board. When we have done some super work our teachers may put it up on the board to show all of the children.

These shapes show the different areas of our learning journey for the term. When we consistently achieve a target, our photo gets put onto the matching shape. Last term we focused on our manners and behaviour in school, this term we are working towards reading and writing our sounds, writing our names and counting and ordering numbers.

Our role play area this term is a builders yard, where we can design our ideas, build things and practise our measuring skills.

This is our sound board. As we learn new sounds, they are added to the board to help us practise them each day. Sometimes Batty is very cheeky and moves the pictures to the wrong sound and we have to put them back correctly. 

23.11.2020 As part of our phonics we have been playing games such as Pairs and Find a Fish, as well as sounding out words after we choose a picture from the hat.

23.11.2020 As part of our topic, 'Who can we ask for help?' we have made our own rescue vehicles, we hope you like them as much as we do.

23.11.2020 In forest School  we hammered golf tees into pumpkins, to make our own hedgehogs! We have also been showing how good we are at balancing and moving along the ropes.

We are learning the story of the birth of Jesus and we really like to play with the characters in this nativity scene.

27.11.2020 As part of our collective Art day we created some Forest School Art, we hope that you like our ideas.

We have been creating a map of our village and using this to play with.

30.11.2020 Today we did some dance in PE. We thought about different animals and how they behave in the Autumn and created our own movements for them.

07.12.2020 Ho ho ho It is nearly Christmas and we have been busy helping Father Christmas in his workshop. We have to answer the phone, decide which presents each person would like, design and build presents, write the gift tags, put the presents in the sacks and deliver them all. It is very hard work! 


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Mrs Roberts(about a month ago)

It was so lovely to see you all today on our first zoom link. You all looked so happy and eager to tell me about your presents from Santa. I hope you enjoyed the 'One Snowy Night' story and were able to see the pictures clearly. Let me know if there were any problems as I am learning too! Bye for now, see you on zoom tomorrow.

Dexter&Hudson(a couple of months ago)

We like the pictures and videos

Hud(a couple of months ago)


Mrs Abbott(less than a year ago)

I would just like to congratulate Reception on their first half term at Crowle First School. They have all settled in well and already demonstrate they are caring, confident and committed to their learning. They have all done exceedingly well, and we are so proud of each and every one of them. Have a healthy, happy half term and we cannot wait to welcome you back after the holidays.

Nikki Deutsch(less than a year ago)

Love seeing so many photos of school life. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves!

Louisa sleigh(less than a year ago)

I love seeing all the fantastic photos of the children having a great time at school. Beatrice is loving school.

Kate Gee(less than a year ago)

Isobel loved the visit to church, looked like they had fun. She is really enjoying school and comes home full of beans

Miss Morris(less than a year ago)

Wow reception you have been busy. I really enjoyed coming into your class last week to hear you discussing a book with Mrs Roberts, you had some lovely ideas. I also got to work with all of you while my class were in PE. What an excellent start you have all made to your time at Crowle CE First School.

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