Whole School News

As we progress throughout the school year, we will add photos of whole school events to this page. Individual class photographs and news can be found on their class page.

Summer Term 2018

Well Being Day  At Crowle CE First School we understand that our emotional health and well being is as important as our academic successes.  To celebrate this we held our first well being day this term.  The children enjoyed a variety of workshops including; first aid, yoga, story massage, healthy eating and pet therapy.

We were thrilled to welcome local businesses to support our day.  Without their help we would not have been able to offer all the experiences we offered during the day.  A big thank you to Catherine Binney from Halycon Clinical Psychology and Animal Assisted Therapy, Elizabeth Roseblade from Flat Stan and Portia Oliver from Yogi Minds.  Miss Morris would also like to say a big thank you to Maisie in year 4 for proof reading the very complicated time table for the day.

Here are some comments about the day.

Max and Abigail (year four) said it was a fun day.

Miss Simpson was impressed that following the first aid presentation, the year 3's confidently dealt with a peers nosebleed.