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Whole School News

Whole School News

As we progress throughout the school year, we will add photos of whole school events to this page. Individual class photographs and news can be found on their class page.

Science Day 2020

This week is National Science Week.  We chose to mark the week with cross class working.  The theme for our science day, held on 13/3/20, was light.  We chose to focus on light following some questions about a Sundial, that featured in a book being read to year 1 and 2 last week.  We started the day with a quick meeting to explain the activities and get the children into their groups.  Well done to Amelia P, Eva and Lily-May who led the groups; ensuring that everyone was where they should be and assisting anyone who had difficulties with any of the activities.

Mrs Roberts planned and led a session looking at how shadows are made.  The children made shadow puppets to reinforce their understanding.  Miss Johnson took on the challenge of answering the children's questions about Sundials.  They found out how and why they are used before making their own to use at home.   Miss Morris led scientific inquiry; the children discovered how light passes through objects, becomes absorbed by objects and reflects off objects.  The children enjoyed using the 'magic torches' to discover a hidden picture.  The children discussed the science rather than the magic, proving that it wasn't magic after all.  Dexter (Year 2) told Miss Morris, "The black paper absorbed the light so the picture on top was difficult to see but the white paper torch reflects the light so we can see the picture clearly."  Max (reception) told Miss Morris, "Dark colours don't work, "when we changed the colour of the torch.  The children then went on to investigate which material would be best for Miss Morris's new black out curtains.  Although Ruariridh's (reception) chosen material was not great for a blind he decide it would make a good light shade because, "It stops the light hurting your eyes but lets enough light to see my book."

Comments from the children:

"Miss Morris, I am really loving Science Day."  Jessica K 

"I enjoyed all of it."  Minnie

"Its fun." Zachary

Comments from a visitor observing:

"This school shows caring and inclusion in all it does."

Tag Rugby Tournament

Pupils from Year 3/4 represented Crowle at the Tag Rugby Cluster event, at St Nicholas School, Pinvin.  The children did SO well, and we were proud of every one of them.  The children demonstrated real sportsmanship and worked together as a team.  It was a delight to watch their confidence grow throughout the morning, and we are so proud of all of you!!

Shrove Tuesday

Thank you to "Friends of Crowle" who came in to make pancakes with all children.  The children all had a go at mixing the ingredients to a batter mix, and eating a delicious pancake.  Yummy!  

Internet Safety Day

Today we have all been learning about how to keep safe online - and the importance of not sharing personal information over the internet.  Children used "Smartie the Penguin" as a mascot to talk about what cyber bullying is, how to correctly purchase apps and what inappropriate content on a computer is (in an age appropriate manner).  Older children also learnt about their online footprint, and why there are certain age restrictions on different app's.  We take online safety very seriously - and all children know that if they find anything upsetting on a school computer then they automatically press the "dolphin" button on the screen, and talk to a teacher.  Likewise, if they see anything at home that makes them feel uncomfortable - they must speak to an adult about this.

Further online safety information is available on our Safeguarding page on this website.

Christmas Wishes

All the staff from Crowle First School would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year.  We have all had a fantastic first term - and look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Christmas Lunch

As a whole school, we all shared our Christmas lunch together.  It is a really special time to all come together and share a special meal.  What a wonderful Christmas week we are having!!

Family Service - December 2019

Each half term we have a Family Service at Crowle Church.  This is an informal service, for parents and children alike to share a special moment in God's church.  Rev Morris always leads the service, and this month the "Open the Book" team (along with children from Year 3/4) portrayed the Christmas story for us.  Children also read prayers of thanks to the congregation.  We would like to thank all those who are involved for giving us these special moments to share as a whole school together.  

Crowle Carol Service

The children of Crowle performed at the Crowle Carol Service at the local church.  They displayed their commitment to learning songs, practising their musical instruments and working hard to put on a super show.  They sang so clearly and beautifully - they stole the show!  We are so proud of the wonderful children at Crowle, and how hard they all work in everything they do.  Well done!!

Crowle Christmas Tree Competition 

Each year Crowle Church have a Christmas Tree Competition.  This year, the "Friends of Crowle" decided to use our School Development Plan focus of "Reading for Pleasure" to create a book themed Christmas tree.  Children then decorated the stars that were positioned around the tree.  I am pleased to announce that Crowle First School's tree won in the "children's category"!  Hurrah!  Thank you so much to all those families that donated books for the tree, and to the Friends of Crowle for creating a winning tree!  Congratulations to all involved.

Rock the Baby

In December 2019 the children did a wonderful performance of "Rock the Baby" at Crowle Church.  Every pupil demonstrated their confidence to perform in front of a group of people, and their commitment to learning their lines and practising their songs.  We were so proud of every child - you were all wonderful!!!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The children and staff are delighted with their new Christmas tree.  The tree, along with all its decorations and a nativity scene, was as a result of the kind thoughts of Mr Cooper nominating school to be in his company's Christmas Advent Calendar.  The children and all the staff would like to say a big thank you to Mr Cooper and Prologis for their generous gift.  I am sure you will agree that it looks fabulous, especially as every child across the school was involved in its decoration.

Children In Need 2019

Due to the rain and subsequent flooding closing our school on Friday the 15th November, we had to postpone our fundraiser in support of Children in Need.  So a week later, we came to school in our pyjamas, onsies and dressing gowns for a fun packed morning of activities. 

We kick started the day with celebration assembly, it felt strange to be collecting our certificates in our nightclothes.  We split into 4 mixed age groups.  This was the first opportunity for the children in reception to take part in a timetable of activities with their friends from years 1 to 4.  Abigail, Olivia, Lily-May and Isla-Grace (year 4 pupils) did a brilliant job of leading the groups.  Over the morning the groups were involved in 4 activities; Mrs Roberts planned a selection of Pudsy themed crafts, Miss Morris taught us to sign our names, useful greetings and the song - Old MacDonald, Mr Martin set up an obstacle course in the year 3 and 4 classroom and Miss Simpson organised some team games.

We finished the morning with a whole school work out with Joe Wicks and Pudsy. 

We hope that your enjoy looking at the photographs of all the fun we had.  Thank you for the donations we received which at first count totaled approximately £100

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