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Year 1 and 2

Year 1 and 2 Class News

Welcome to Year 1 and 2's class page!

Our class teacher is called Miss L Johnson and our teaching assistant is called Mrs N Jackson.

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Map

Year 1 and 2 Maths Yearly Overview

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Year 1 and 2 Home learning

Please find new home learning on the following page - Year 1 and 2 Home Learning Summer Term

Home Learning Updates

It has been lovely to hear from so many of you during the school closure. It is a very strange time at the moment and I am missing seeing your smiling faces coming into school every day. The photos/videos/messages from those who have emailed me since we've been off has really cheered me up. I am so proud of all of you for how you are tackling this tricky time, showing that you are all caring, confident and committed pupils of Crowle First School. It has been fantastic to see all of the amazing activities you have been up to at home. Below is a snapshot of what some of you have been up to.  Please do keep sending regular updates, as they make me smile.

I have also added a comments box below. So, after reading this, write a comment that can be published on the website (children, staff and parents welcome).  Children just use your first name and initial of your surname please.  You won't see your comment immediately because we have to approve it first before it goes live.  Perhaps you could thank someone who helped you to get through the week, say something that you are proud of this week or maybe a message of kindness.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Johnson

Update - 17/05/2020

Take a look at what William has been up to. He has been enjoying reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me and he has been doing some fantastic work in Maths and spellings. Well done, William!

Sam and his sister enjoyed celebrating VE day together. They baked some yummy scones!

Jess and Edward have enjoyed doing lots of exercise whilst the weather has been nice. Look how high Edward has climbed!

Zoe and her sister enjoyed celebrating International Nurses Day. I love your bright colouring!

Georgia has been going on lovely long walks to new places, doing some gymnastics in the garden and having fun for international Nurses Day, bandaging teddies and colouring pictures. Georgia is very much enjoying drawing at the moment!

Arthur has been working very hard again over the last two weeks. He is still enjoying our nurses topic and he has written a brilliant story. Take a read!

Update - 06/05/2020

Take a look at what Alexa has been up to. She has been busy doing lots of lovely activities at home with her sister. They have made lava lamps, magic rainbows and drawn dragon eyes. I love your design, Alexa! Alexa also set up a Tesco store in her own house to help with her Maths, recognising and adding up different amounts of money. Well done, Alexa!

Take a look at what Arthur has been up to. He has been enjoying our new Topic and Science unit. He has made a lamp like Florence Nightingale's and he has also made his own greenhouse to grow his plant in for our science enquiry. Good luck growing your plants, Arthur!

Take a look at what Georgia has been up to. Georgia has also been incredibly busy at home with her sister. She has been watching the new Phonics videos on Youtube and has been completing her Maths, using her lovely penguin counters. She has been enjoying learning about Florence Nightingale and has made her own greenhouse for our science enquiry. We also have to say a big WELL DONE to Georgia for learning to ride her bike safely on her own! I hope you are enjoying your family bike rides in the sunshine.

Take a look at what Hamish has been up to. He has been enjoying doing lots of lovely activities at home with his family. He has been making the most of the glorious sunshine, drawing hopscotches on his daily walks and playing Hoopla in his garden. He even added the scores for everyone. Hamish has found a new game he likes playing on the Supermovers website and he has also been playing chess. It is lovely to see that he is still loving reading, making the most of the weather and doing some reading in his garden. Well done, Hamish!

Take a look at what Harvey has been up to. He has enjoyed doing lots of activities and jobs outside while the weather has been nice. He has been doing lots of cooking and baking, as well as his home learning each day. Whilst sorting out their recycling, Harvey and his brother decided to conduct a little experiment to see how many books you could balance on top of four toilet roll tubes before they collapsed. After lots of fun, they concluded that 98 books could balance before they fell over. Wow, what a fun idea for a science experiment! Harvey has also been busy cutting out patterns to help his mum sew scrubs/headbands/scrub bags for the NHS. He even asked for a headband of his own - you definitely look like a cool tennis player, Harvey!

Take a look at what Henry has been up to. He has been working hard on his home learning, enjoying his Maths and our new Topic on famous nurses. Henry also enjoyed making his own greenhouse for our science enquiry and he wrote a lovely poem based on the 'Magic Box'. In between home learning, Henry has also been busy baking and going on long family walks. We also have to say a big WELL DONE to Henry for learning to ride his bike safely on the road. I hope you are enjoying your family bike rides in the sun!

Take a look at what Jessica and Edward have been up to. Jessica and Edward have been enjoying doing lots of fun activities at home together whilst we are off. They have been busy creating lots of lovely things to cheer people up, such as their 'Stay Safe' banner and painting rocks to leave around the village. We loved the rocks left outside school - they gave all of the teachers a massive smile! They have also been enjoying making a den in the garage loft. Jessica made a pulley to put her teddies in a bag to pull them up to the den. It looks like lots of fun!

Take a look at what Rufus has been up to. He has been enjoying lots of fun in the sun, going on lovely walks and bike rides with his sister. He has been busy creating a new lego model of a snowplough and colouring in pictures of dinosaurs - I love the bright colours! Look everyone, Rufus has also lost a tooth! I hope you had a special visit from a certain fairy.

Take a look at Sam's greenhouse. He has worked hard to create his own greenhouse for our science enquiry. I hope your plants grow well, Sam!

Take a look at William's fantastic work. He has been enjoying learning about Florence Nightingale and completing his home learning activities each day. Well done, William!

Take a look at what Robyn has been up to. She has been doing lots with all of her animals, lots of cooking, birdwatching, growing sunflowers and has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers. Well done, Robyn!

It is lovely to see that Mia and Zoe have both been enjoying home learning activities too.

I am loving the lipgloss, Mia!

I like your greenhouse, Zoe. Good luck growing your plants.


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Miss Johnson(less than a month ago)

Hello, Alexa. Happy Birthday for Monday. I am glad that you had a wonderful day. Your presents sound lovely. I hope you enjoy playing with them. I am sure you will be able to celebrate your birthday with your friends soon - it will feel like you have two birthdays this year! I am pleased that you liked our video. We enjoyed making it for you all. It also made us a little sad, as we miss you all too. I had a tricky job trying to keep Bobby and Bella still for the photographs. They both had a treat afterwards for their hard work. It is lovely hearing from you. Take care, from Miss Johnson

Miss Morris(less than a month ago)

Good Morning, Alexa. Happy Birthday for Monday, I am pleased to hear that you had a lovely day. We are pleased that you enjoyed the video message. It made me feel a bit sad too. Have a great day.

Alexa(less than a month ago)

Hello everyone, I had a great birthday on Monday. My favourite present was my scruff-a-luv called Cherry. She has twins called Charlie and Lola. They are really cute and soft. My second favourite present was my Schleich unicorn and my fitbit. I got lots of cards and sweets and chocolate that will last for one or two years because there is so much! I missed having a party with all my friends especially Georgia. I have just watched the school video and it was very good but it made me feel a bit sad because I miss all my friends and teachers. I did make me laugh when Miss Morris was dressed up in funny costumes and I also liked seeing Bella and Bobby. Love from Alexa.

Miss Johnson(about a month ago)

Hello Alexa, We are all missing you too. It sounds like you are having a lovely time. The baby caterpillars sound very cute. We hope to see you very soon. Take care!

Alexa(about a month ago)

Hello, I miss being at school and I miss all my friends. We’ve been going for lots of walks, we have found a fairy door and a den. We’ve found some love on the rocks and lots of baby caterpillars, I had four on my hand. When we cross the M5 foot bridge the lorries beep at us when we wave. Hopefully we see you all soon x

Miss Morris(about a month ago)

Hi everyone. I was missing seeing all your lovely excited faces when I walk through your classroom, so I thought I would pop across to your class page instead. The photos of you enjoying all your home learning activities really cheered me up - thank you for sharing them with us. I was very impressed with how much soil you and Ethan managed to move from your garden to the skip Harvey - a job very well done! Arthur how is your garden project coming along? I am sure it will look a lot different when I am back in school next week. I am going to hunt out my copy of your class read and remind myself of the story so that I can join in with your Book Talk too. Keep working hard and stay safe, I look forward to being back at school with you as soon as we can.

Miss Johnson(about a month ago)

Hello Harvey! It is lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you have been incredibly busy. I'm glad you enjoyed 'Malvern at Home' with Ethan. Miss Morris had organised some lovely activities for you to do at home. It must have been fun completing them with your brother. Take care and stay safe!

Harvey(about a month ago)

Hi everyone! I have had a busy Easter break. I did "Malvern at home" with Ethan. After that I have been busy helping Mummy & Daddy in the garden, playing badminton & going for walks and bike rides. I walked 9 miles one day last week!

Miss Johnson(about a month ago)

I am missing everyone too, Hamish! Have a fabulous Easter break and hopefully we shall all be back at school in the near future. Take care and stay safe!

Hamish M(about a month ago)

It sounds like everybody has had a good time, and so have I. I miss you all very much, and wish a happy Easter to you all! Fingers crossed we come back to school soon!!

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Spring Term

Take a look at what we got up to on World Book Day by clicking here.

Messy Play

Year 1 have been making the most of our outdoor areas by completing some mathematical challenges in teams. We have also been making some delicious cakes and drinks in our new mud kitchen!

A very special visitor!

We were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to look after a very special visitor today... Robyn's pet tortoise Ellis. We all enjoyed watching him and looking after him throughout the day, with some great guidance and advice from Robyn. We were able to use our science knowledge about animals to determine that he was a reptile, which meant he was cold-blooded so he needed the lamp to keep him warm. We also knew that lots of reptiles have scales and claws, so we looked closely at his legs and feet to discover that he had scales and claws too. Robyn told us all about his diet and how they need to give him plenty of calcium to make his shell hard and strong to protect his body inside. Lots of us already knew that children need calcium too in milk and yoghurts to help keep our bones and teeth strong. We would like to say a massive thank you to Robyn and Mrs Ellis for giving us the opportunity to look after such a wonderful creature. 

Marvellous Maths

This half term, we will be looking at multiplication and division. To begin this unit, we did some practical maths involving lots of practice making equal groups using lots of different objects. We discussed how to make groups equal by having the same amount in each group and we are beginning to recognise when groups are unequal and how we can change them to make it fair. 

Deadly Dragons!

This half term, we will be studying fantasy stories and writing our own fantasy story about a dragon, using 'George and the Dragon' by Chris Wormell. As part of our hook into our English lessons, we created our very own dragons using paper plates. We will use our dragons to help support our characterisation of the dragon in our stories, thinking carefully about how we describe what it looks like and how it might move. 

Dinosaur Habitats

During our Design and Technology lessons, we designed and created our own dinosaur habitat box using a variety of different materials and  techniques we had learnt about in Art lessons, such as papier mache. We used our geography knowledge about habitats to plan our dinosaur habitat boxes, remembering to include all of the physical geographical features of the dinosaur era.  

Scientific Enquiry - Dinosaur Poop!

In science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats and part of our unit of work involves sorting animals into groups according to their diet. Today, we learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and sorted a variety of animals into these three categories. We were then given the challenge of becoming scientists for the afternoon and we had to investigate a selection of dinosaur poop to determine which dinosaur it could have belonged to. We used our knowledge of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and our increasing knowledge of dinosaurs to work out which dinosaur each poop belonged to. We dissected each poop and looked closely at the contents to see whether it ate meat, plants or both. It was an incredibly smelly job!

Our very own dinosaur expert!

We were delighted to welcome Mason (Year 4) into our class this morning to teach us all about dinosaurs. Those who know Mason will know that he is a dinosaur expert! He had kindly put together a powerpoint to share with us about many different types of dinosaurs. We were all very impressed with how much knowledge he has about dinosaurs and we have to say a MASSIVE thank you to Mason for taking the time to create his presentation and bravely standing up at the front of our class to share all his facts about dinosaurs! Mason, you did an amazing job and Miss Johnson and the rest of the staff are incredibly proud of you!


Dinosaur Skeletons

In Art this half term, we will be using a variety of different media to create a piece of artwork. This week, we were using pasta. We observed different images of dinosaur skeletons closely, such as real-life exhibits, sketches and computer-generated images. We then used a variety of pasta shapes to recreate a dinosaur skeleton, thinking carefully which shapes matched the dinosaur bones. Take a look at our masterpieces in production.


Autumn Term

Reindeer Art

While the Year 1s were at forest school today, the Year 2s created colourful reindeer portraits using a step-by-step guide. We followed the instructions carefully, using pencil to draw an initial outline, and then we used oil pastels to colour in our reindeers, making them nice and bright.

Puppet Makers

As part of our English work, we have been exploring the story of Pinocchio and we have enjoyed looking at lots of different types of puppets. Today, we designed our own hand puppets and used origami techniques to turn our design into a product that is appealing for our target audience. We had great fun making them and worked really hard to make them as neat and detailed as we could. Enjoy looking at our finished products!


Year 2 have been working incredibly hard on their addition and subtraction unit in Maths. We have been learning how to exchange 10 ones into a ten in addition that bridges 10 and we have also been learning to exchange a ten for 10 ones when you don't have enough ones to subtract. Mrs Abbott was very impressed at our neat number line work this week! Miss Johnson is very proud of the resilence and perservance every Year 2 has shown over the last 2 weeks with this tricky Maths! 

Toys Timeline

We hopped into Doctor Who's tardis and travelled through time to discover popular toys throughout the last 100 years. We watched tv commericals and short videos to discover popular toys that our grandparents and parents may have enjoyed playing with. We were amazed to see lots of toys that we still play with today! We created timelines to show the chronological order and used lots of time vocabulary, such as past/present, modern/old, then/now. Miss Johnson was very impressed with how well we worked as a team to order the toys (and there were a lot to order!). Check out some of our timelines below.

 Edward Henry Minnie

Our Toys Museum

As part of our ongoing topic, we bought in our favourite toys from home to create our very own toy museum, including some toys from the past. We spent the morning discussing our choices and looking at the materials our toys were made from and how we play with them. We got to draw and label our own toy and write a short description of it. Here are a few examples:

Jacob                                                                                                             Zoe

Alexa                                                                                                              Ubaid

Toys from the Past Workshop

Worcester Museum came into school with a big bag of toys for us to explore! We were able to look at the similarities and differences between toys today and toys in the past, using our knowledge of 'old' and 'new' and our science work on materials. We got to sort the toys according to their materials and we discussed how toys have changed within living memory.

Global Links 

At the end of last half term, Hannah Escot came to talk to us from Global Links. Hannah has taught all over the world; so she came to talk to us about the life of children in Africa, India and South America. She spoke about real life experiences of children not having flushing toilets, not having a pair of shoes to wear or having to play football with a plastic bag. Hannah showed us how to make toys out of recycled materials and we got to play with some Africa toys. We loved making footballs using newspaper and plastic bags!

Polar Explorer

We were very lucky to have a special vistor, Mr Harvey, to tell us all about his adventures in Antarctica and the Arctic. It was fascinating to hear about life in polar conditions! We were also lucky enough to try on snow boots, goggles, sit in a tent, try an emergency tent and much more. He even took Prince Harry to Antarctica!

What a fantastic experience and thank you, Mr Harvey! 

5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

We had lots of fun designing and making 'posh' rockets. We used lots of junk modelling materials to build our rockets and we added lots of detail and decoration to make them 'posh'. We also got to launch Mr Sheringham's rocket into the air. We enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. 

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