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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistants are called Mrs A Thirlby and Miss P Simpson.

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13th September 2019 - Thank you for another fantastic week Year 3 and 4.  Don't forget your homework books on Monday.

Miss Morris' weekly update - 13/9/19

Wow we have been busy this week.  I am sending home a fabulous bunch of committed and confident learners who have embraced all aspects of their learning this week.  They will be exhausted when they arrive home, so I wish them all a restful weekend to recharge their batteries ready for next week!

In English we are learning to write effective instructions.  So far in the sequence of learning we have followed the instructions to make an edible Roman road, a great connection to our Rampaging Romans topic.  We soon discovered that the instructions were not as effective as they could be so we are on a mission to improve them.  The edible roads were tasty though!  Miss Morris tried giving instructions but she was hopeless so we showed her how it was done, working with our partner to describe a picture we wanted them to draw.   We have used the shape of effective instructions to learn how to write a title, use time connectives and diagrams for cohesion and use imperative verbs in a command.  With our new found knowledge we have critiqued some examples of instructions and the strawberry shortcake recipe was a clear winner and not just because it involved food.  Next week we will engage in shared and modeled writing to rewrite the instructions for a Roman road.

This morning we showed off our knowledge of place value to one our governors.  She was very impressed with how far we have got around our place value journey.   The new vocabulary that we understood and used blew her away.  On Wednesday we worked with our partners to demonstrate our knowledge of place value.  We couldn't believe it when the bell went for lunch time, as we had been so absorbed in using the same 3 or 4 digits to create numbers and represent them in a variety of ways.  We have now moved onto the next section of our journey through place value which will help us to order, compare and round numbers.

We have used our map skills in Geography this week to show the spread on the Roman Empire.  We have discussed why those counties were targeted and how the geography of those countries may have made them more susceptible to attack.  In history we have used timelines to chart the key events in the development of the Roman empire.

After learning the skill of colour mixing last week, we began to create a Roman Mosaic using a monochromatic colour scheme.  Thank you to Homebase, Ledbury for letting Miss Morris have so many paint charts!  Our mosaics are taking shape and will hopefully be ready for viewing next week.

We had lots of fun investigating push pull forces in Science this week. There was a great debate over the forces Archie needed to put on and do up his coat.  In year 3 and 4 if you want to debate, it gives you more confidence if you stand on a chair!

In RE we began our topic relating to Hindu's in Britain today.  The children discussed similarities between themselves and the hindu children in the video clip.  We debated if it was possible to be friend with a hindu and the children concluded that having the same faith wasn't important if you were able to respect each others beliefs.

The year 4s won the the first battle of 'connect our learning' but the year 3s were hot on their tails so everyone had a celebratory lolly to end the week.  Some of this weeks great connections were... 

Molly said, "It's like the hymn when I needed a neighbour - the creed and the colour don't matter."

Miles  said, "A foe is an enemy, I learned that in phonics."

I have had a fantastic week getting to know them all as a new class and can't wait for a new week.  Have a restful weekend year 3 and 4!  See you on Monday.

Miss Morris (Year 3 and 4 Teacher)

We hope that you enjoy the photos of our learning taken during the week beginning 9th September 2019