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Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 Class News

Welcome to Year 3 and 4's class page!

Our class teacher is called Mrs. S Dixon and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Thirlby.

Welcome back to Spring Term 2021! We hope you have all had a wonderful festive season.  We are so looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5th January so we can begin our learning journey together.

Our topic this term is Food. This will be linked to geography and science in particular. Our English unit for the first three weeks will be based on poetry and  in maths we will be closing looking at multiplication and division.  French learning will be involving days of the week and numbers from 0-30. In RE we shall be investigating the religion of Judaism.  I will be updating the page regularly, so watch this space!

A big thank you to all the children in Year 3 and 4 for accessing Seesaw so competently and completing online learning. It is a different start to the year, than expected,  but I would like to thank you all personally for taking the time to get to know the new platform and for completing daily tasks. 

The children this week have been writing an independent short story showcasing the techniques we have been learning in class over the last three weeks to include: pathetic fallacy; fronted adverbials; power of three; alliterative phrases; powerful verbs and expanded noun phrases; complex sentences to name but a few. I could not be prouder of them. Here are a few exceptional examples of the children's story telling. Enter text...

Enter text...

The children have been writing a story about the Disney film 'Feast'. Here are some examples of excellent sentence stacking by our very gifted children. 

Winston was used to his healthy food now.

One day something changed again; a magical, munchable, mighty meatball hit the floor and emerged into Winston’s view. Curiously, Winston followed a trail of sauce. Then he looked up. A helpful hand appeared, reminding him of the one that had helped him years ago that saved him. This one was small. This one wasn’t Dad’s. This one belonged to a baby!

What followed was a never-ending feast. A feast of love. A feast of Ice cream. A feast of joy. A feast of kindness. A feast of biscuits. A feast of Cake. By Cameron.


WALT To write effective sentences for our story

One afternoon, something changed; a marvellous, meaty, messy, meatball fell into Winston's already full bowl of food. A mini, cute hand appeared, which made him think back to the kind palm that gave him the amazing crinkle-cut crisp many years before. However, this one didn't belong to Dad - it was a baby! A feast of pink doughnuts. A feast of cheese. A feast of ice cream. A feast of snuggles. A feast of hugs. A feast of love. By Minnie


Sadly, he watched her place the green, mysterious leaf on his food again, reminding him of his place in the beautiful house. By Zoe

Last week the children were learning all about Shabbat and why it is so special to the Jewish religion. As part of their religion they make a special bread called Challah with  a secret ingredient honey, which makes it special. The children in class and at home all had a go at making the bread and were so pleased by the taste that some children made more! A gallery of pictures to follow soon.

In Art we have been looking at how to draw fruit using charcoal, oil pastels and paint. In response to some of the art work we have been creating, I would like to share with you some expert examples. 


Check out the final chapters of A Boy Called Christmas written by Matt Haig and read by Miss Morris.  They are posted in order from where we left off in class.  Enjoy a final bit of Christmas magic before the new term begins.

A Final message from Miss Morris (31-12-20)

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope that you are enjoying the Christmas Holidays and have something nice planned for the last few days.  We are heading into 2021 at midnight tonight and my hope is that it will be the year we can say goodbye to Covid 19 and all the restrictions that keep us away from the people and the things that we love.

For us, 2021 is about new beginnings - you have a fabulous new teacher in Mrs Dixon, who will support you in everything you aspire to achieve before the end of the school year.  You will love every minute of learning with her, she has already given me a sneak preview of what is to come and I wish I was staying to join in the fun.  

I am moving to my new school, I have already unloaded many memories of my time at Crowle into my new office so that I you are all with me as I take that next step.  Your many drawings are on my pegboards, Amelie's mum's painting of the bluebell wood and the funky purple giraffe picture I was given by Amelia are hung on the walls.  Scratch, Claude and the Reverend Fisher are amongst the soft toys and puppets, my funky white pumps are in the cupboard ready for PE and best of all I have a tin of Bounties with the wonderful smiling faces of year 4!

Have a fabulous Spring Term, I will hopefully see you all soon.

Leave any comments in the Guestbook at the bottom of the page, we love hearing from you all.

Miss Morris

Totally unbeknown to me the children have been working on "Code Blue" to create a video of messages for me and an extra special Fire Drill!  Little did they know I have been working on a couple of code blues of my own!  First came a message on Radio 2's teatime show last night and finally here is a little memento of some our best bits! 

What have you done this week to make you feel proud?

Due to being in separate bubbles the children and staff are feeling the loss of our schools community spirit.  This is particularly evident during celebration assembly - an important part of our collective worship programme.  Children across the school want to celebrate each others successes.  So here is what we celebrated during this weeks year 3 and 4 celebration assembly. 

Birthdays - There were no birthdays this week, but Evie Rose will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday and Jess and Athena celebrate their birthdays in early January, before we come back to school.  Happy birthday girls from everyone at Crowle CE First School.

Secret Students - Well done to Harry, Isla, Ella Gh and Mia who were our secret students, each of them have demonstrated that they are caring, confident and committed to learning.

Green Book - There has never been so many people in the Green Book in one week before.  I even had my first Head Teachers Award! 

Arthur, in year 3, has shown resilience and care to support his friends, even when at times he was overwhelmed by his own emotions - I will miss you too Arthur.  

Cameron, in year 4, has shown, throughout the term, what a fantastic teacher he would make.  He gives his time to support friends who need a little more support with their learning, but never makes them feel bad.

Arlo, in year 4, has successfully completed his first term with us at Crowle and has got used to our quirky ways!  He has shown commitment to his learning.   We love having you in the class Arlo.

Ella G, also in year 4, received a certificate on her last day for being caring, confident and committed to her learning.  I am sure you will be brilliant at your new school and everyone at Crowle will miss you!

They all received headteacher awards.

Christmas Jumper Competition 

Well done to Harry and Sam Bz who won the Design a Christmas Jumper Competition.  All the entries were amazing.

 Proud moments should be shared!  

Sam Bz shared his swimming achievements with the class.  He was presented with his Level 6 Certificate and is looking forward to the challenges at Level 7 - Well done Sam.

 Pom Poms - The Pom Pom jars have been collecting poms poms from across the school again this week.  It is pleasing to see that in such a manic week the amount of caring their has been across school, with the caring pot full to the brim.  It really is what makes Crowle CE First School such a great place to learn and work!

Christmas Story

We didn't get chance to finish our class book.  Here is the next chapter.

You made it onto Sarah Cox's Tea Time Radio 2 Show.

What have you done this week to make you feel proud?

Homework Help (18-12-20)

There is no homework for the Christmas break.  You need to take this time to rest and have fun with your family.  Happy Christmas everyone!





















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Isla(about a month ago)

hello Mrs Dixon did you have a nice Christmas and new year? what presents did you get? I got a magic trick set ,Hamish (my little brother) got some Star Wars lego and Daisy ( my little sister) got a barbie dream camper! from Isla xxo. :-)

Miss Morris(about a month ago)

Hi Isla, thank you for your messages. You are not quite the 200th messenger as there were some that were not for publishing! We didn't get much snow in Ledbury but it looked like there was a lot more in Worcestershire - I hope you all had lots of fun, This is my last day logging on to the website but I will continue to take a look at the class pages, I know you are going to have a lot of fun!

Isla(about a month ago)

wow we have done soooo many coments in fact this is the 200th I was so happy when I woke up to SNOW! I got everything I wanted for Xmas did you? from Isla XXXXXXOOOOOO

Miss Morris(a couple of months ago)

Well done Willow, that is really committed. Put a pompom in when you back after the holidays.

Willow’s mummy(a couple of months ago)

Today, Willow tried out dictating a story to the computer. She sat with Daddy and held the microphone, then started to talk. The computer program picked up her voice and wrote it all down for her. It did struggle with the name, ‘Arlo’ though! It then read out the words back to Willow. Thank you for suggesting this, Miss. Morris!

Miss Morris(a couple of months ago)

I'm glad you enjoyed it Athena. I have loved being your teacher.

Athena(a couple of months ago)

Thank you for caring for me and for being the best and craziest teacher. I really liked hearing our song on the radio last night. I love you and miss you Miss Morris. Love from Athena x

Isla the ⭐️ (Star)(a couple of months ago)

Miss Morris I think you (again) have made a marvellous mistake in the reading section/paragraph ,since between Ella G and Miles there is no comma! Also I’m really sad

Miss Morris(a couple of months ago)

Isla, I think the cheeky elf has been in the postbox, swapping cards and envelopes!

Isla(a couple of months ago)

Miss Morris I think you made a marvellous mistake because Hamish’s card has the right name on his envelope but the card says To Alexa !(!) My theory is that you realised that since Hamish and Alexa (used to be) are engaged

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