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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistants are called Mrs A Thirlby and Miss P Simpson.

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Parents evenings will take place on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd October.  Year 4 parents are invited to a meeting regarding the National Timestable Assessment on Thursday 25th October.

Miss Morris' weekly update - 18/10/19

Wow, what a busy week we have had this week.  Miss Morris is sure everyone needs a rest this weekend - even her!

In maths, we have secured our knowledge of column addition using a range of concrete resources and are beginning to tackle exchanging with confidence.  We can all say our preferred method, be it concrete, pictorial or abstract.

Miss Morris was astounded by the quality of our non-chronological reports about Roman entertainment.  We were able to successfully demonstrate our knowledge of headings, technical language, fact boxes and labelled diagrams when presenting our information.  The excellent double page spreads show a depth of understanding of our topic this half term.  We are now working on performance poetry and Miss Morris used a BBC live lesson to hook us into the new learning.  We also have our fingers, toes and eyes crossed that we will be selected to be in the audience of the Radio 2, 500 words live lesson next spring.

We had a really exciting science lesson this week to pull all of our knowledge and understanding of forces together.  We worked in teams to design a game that needed a magnetic force to work.  We then built our games and invited the reception children to come and play them with us.  Mrs Abbott popped in for a play too and was very impressed by how we explained our games.  She said, "These are better than the ones they made on the apprentice (a tv program) last night.

In RE, we have been talking about the importance of Gandhi to Hindus in Britain today.  We had a great discussion about whether you can still be a hero if you have previously been unkind or committed a crime.  We then compared our heroes to the life of Gandhi.  We have decided that a hero should inspire or teach you something while being caring and bringing about positive change.  Miss Morris thinks that this is very insightful in children so young.

During topic we played a pairs game to learn interesting facts about the Roman Gods.  We were able to create a family tree using the information we gained and describe the importance of the Romans beliefs.  

We have ended the week with more work on our design brief to design a Roman chariot.  This afternoon we tested out various wheels and axles to decide on the best position, size and type of materials.  

The highlight of our week was out trip to the park on Thursday - a well earned reward for our commitment to learning this half term.

Finally, Miss Morris would like to thank Isla, Henry, Olivia, Eva and Georgia for reading prayers at family service and Mason, Ethan, Abigail and Isla-Grace for their involvement in processing the cross.

We hope you enjoy reading our weekly update. 

Year 3 and 4

We hope that you enjoy the photos of our learning taken during the week beginning 14th October 2019.