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Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 Class News

Welcome to Year 3 and 4's class page!

Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistant is Mrs Thirlby.


Well done to our table point winners this week.  Dexter, Sam B, Ella G and Amelia have shown how caring, confident and committed they are.

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Congratulations Seb G

As we heard a couple of weeks ago, during celebration assembly, Seb has recently completed all the training and entrance assessments to become a Honda Cadet.  His passion for karting has been evident for as long as I have known Seb, and it gave me great pleasure to watch him compete on Sunday afternoon.   I can see why you love it so much Seb, it looks like a real challenge while being fun despite the rain!  If you would like to take a look at what being a Honda cadet involves you can watch Seb and the other competitors in Sunday's competition below.  Seb is number 74, orange helmet, and at the moment classed as a novice, but I am sure he will soon be climbing through those ranks.

Well done Seb, thank you for sending me the link so I could watch.

Miss Morris

A message from Miss Morris (23-10-20)

Well done year 3 and 4, you made it successfully to the half term holidays.  It has been an absolute pleasure to teach each of you this half term.  Congratulations to all our table point winners, secret students and head teacher award recipients.  Our week ended with your parents evenings and I am pleased to say that all of your parents went away feeling extremely proud of all the hard work you have put in over the last 8 weeks.

 In Maths, the children sat their place value assessments (2 weeks on from completing the unit of work) all of the children demonstrated that they have retained the knowledge they acquired in the first five weeks of term.  We will continue our addition and subtraction unit next half term.

In English, the children continue to enjoy writing The Egyptian Cinderella.  Pleasingly, I have heard from several parents over the last two evenings that the year 3 and 4s are inspired by this unit and are already thinking about what they will write for their own fractured fairy tale after half term.  Special mention goes to Archie, Amelie, Amelia, Mia and William for following their tips in order to improve their writing.

In Book Talk,  we completed The Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, which has proved a hit with all the children.  In book talk this week, the children used what they had heard to investigate key characters, paying particular attention to how well developed they are by the author.  They decided that Lil was the central character, but as you can see in the photos below, a strength of the book is how well the author develops the relationships between the characters.  Well done to Harry and Isla who spotted early on in the book that Lil and her new friend, Tulip, shared the same brother.   Don't forget to vote on your next class read below.

In Science,  the children sat their 'Green For Great - End of Unit Check.'  I was really pleased with their scores.  They have demonstrated all the new knowledge that they have acquired.  We will be studying rocks next half term.

In History, Our Exciting Egyptians topic has been a huge hit with the children.  Their enthusiasm for the subject has inspired some fantastic learning this half term.  Mr Cadle was impressed with how much they had learned and their thirst for more information, as they spent the whole of Thursday asking questions.  Special mention goes to Mia, Harry and Arthur, who took every opportunity to make connections in their knowledge throughout this unit.

Music, the children have been busy practising their cornet at home.  Ella G impressed Mr Oldham, who emailed me to share how pleased her was with her solo performance in class this week.

RE, The children completed their unit on People of God and what it is like to follow God.  This week we focused on the covenant made between Abraham and God.  They compared the covenant with the one God made with Noah.  They also thought about what Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were thinking at various points in the story.  They spotted that the story was about having trust in God, even when it seems that what they were asking for was impossible.  Mrs Roberts, RE Lead, was delighted when I showed her Ella Gh, Seb S, Isla and Minnie's work this week.

Art Morning,  Across school this morning the children were focusing on Artists from history.  Our class focused on Rembrandt.  They wrote a biography, discussed his most famous works and looked at how he used hats and drama to add expression and emotion to his work.  They were able to express their likes and dislikes before deciding on their favourite picture from their investigations.  We finished the morning with an opportunity to draw a self portrait inspired by Rembrandt.

Finally, the children finished this half term with their goodie jar treat - everyone enjoyed dressing up in their part clothes, dancing, playing party games and having some delicious treats.  As you can see from the party below Miss Morris enjoyed herself too!

Have a restful half term everyone, you deserve it.


Leave any comments in the Guestbook at the bottom of the page, I love hearing from you all.

Miss Morris

We hope that you enjoy looking at the photos of our learning taken during the course of this week.

The History Man

The children always look forward to a lesson from Mr Cadle.  On Thursday we welcomed him back into our classroom to experience everything Egyptian.  The children were able to explore maps, artefacts and benefit from Mr Cadle's vast knowledge of history.  Take a look at some of the photos from our day.

What have you done this week to make you feel proud?

Due to being in separate bubbles the children and staff are feeling the loss of our schools community spirit.  This is particularly evident during celebration assembly - an important part of our collective worship programme.  Children across the school want to celebrate each others successes.  So here is what we celebrated during this weeks year 3 and 4 celebration assembly. 

Birthdays - There haven't been any birthdays in year 3 and 4 this week.

Secret Students - Evie-Rose, Harry, Sam Bz and Jay are our secret students this week, who have been excellent examples of caring, confident students who are committed to their learning.  Well done everyone. 

Green Book - Well done to Sam Bw, in year 3, who received his certificate for his increased confidence and commitment to learning in all subjects.

Well done to Archie, in year 4, who has shown commitment to his writing through using ambitious sentence structures and a wider range of vocabulary.  

Well done to Ella G, in year 4, who was nominated by Mr Oldham for her commitment to practising her cornet and showing confidence in playing a solo during their music lesson this week.

They all received headteacher awards.

Proud moments should be shared!  Jess has recently joined karate lessons with her younger brother Edward.  She brought in her first belt, training guides and boxing gloves to show her peers.

Pom Poms - The whole school continue to work together to fill our pompom jars by showing our vision everyday.  This week the jars are sitting at just above half way, which after just 1 week shows that the children across Crowle CE First School are carling, confident and committed to their learning.

3 x Table with Pink O Rock!

Join in with Pink O Rock using the counting stick to practise the 3 x table.  Have fun!

A challenge from Miss Morris (20-10-20)

There have been some frequent spelling mistakes this half term that we really should know.  Try and learn these this week while you have no homework!

  • our
  • with
  • which
  • sure
  • their
  • there
  • they're

What have you done this week to make you feel proud?

Homework Help (20-10-20)

Well done to everyone who submitted their completed homework this half term.   You have demonstrated how committed you are to your learning.

There is no homework this week because it is half term!

Miss Morris would like to set you a challenge ahead of your independent write when we return to school next half term.  Please listen to and read as many fairytales as you can.  You could also watch some of the fractured fairy tales in the link below.

Don't forget to take Miss Morris' spelling challenge and vote for the book you would like as our class read next term.

Class Reader:

Next half term you can have a say in our end of day story.  Miss Morris has chosen two books for you to vote one as your favourite using the poll below.

The Tornado Chasers by Ross Montgomery.  This book links nicely to our topic - Its a disaster get me out of here! 

Hi, I'm Owen.  My parents are safety freaks.  They're afraid of everything.  Bears, tornadoes, papercuts ... you name it.  But me? I'm sick of being frightened.  That's why my friends and I have decided to do the unthinkable and face our fears.  Come on tornado, come and get us!

The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson.  This book was taken from the Pie Corbett book recommendations every child should hear by the end of year 4! 

High on a Himalayan mountain, a young explorer is asleep in her tent.  At midnight she is snatched by a gigantic, hairy monster - and never seen again.  Agatha Farlingham has been kidnapped by a yeti.  But she soon discovers that he is a brave and noble beast.  His family is in danger - and he needs her help.

What shall year 3 and 4 listen to next half term?


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Miss Morris(less than a week ago)

Good morning Minnie, thank you for voting. I am looking forward to reading whichever book gets the most votes. I had a great day with Jack yesterday. Have a wonderful half term and I will see you next week.

Miss Morris(less than a week ago)

Good morning Zoe, I will miss teaching you this half term. I am thrilled that you love to read, because reading regularly has such a positive impact on the way you write, and your understanding across all the subjects in the curriculum. Have a wonderful half term and I will see you all in a weeks time.

Minnie(less than a week ago)

Hi Miss Morris I have voted on the page and looked at lots of the picture's I loved them all so so much. When Jack,Mummy and Daddy I heard he had an AMAZING time at your house.Bye bye see you after half term.

Zoe(less than a week ago)

I really miss you Miss Morris. I'm so so excited for our new book. Just so you know I love reading.

Miss Morris(less than a week ago)

Thank you for your message Arthur. You are an excellent member of our class and you have worked really hard. Have a wonderful half term break and I will see you at your new table after the holidays.

Arthur J(less than a week ago)

To Miss Morris, I love working with you, I am excited for our new book, I can't wait to be back at school it will be nice sitting next to someone new and being on a different table. Love from Arthur x

Mrs Abbott(less than a week ago)

Congratulations Year 3/4 on such a super first half term back at Crowle First School. I just wanted to thank you for your continued commitment to your learning and the superb progress each and every one of you have made this half term. I am so proud of each and every one of you, and want you to know that you should be very proud of yourself! Have a healthy, happy half term and I cannot wait to welcome you back to school on 2nd Nov 2020.

Miss Morris(less than a week ago)

Hi Sam, Your excellent parents evening is all down to you and your commitment to your learning. Well done Sam, it is a pleasure to be your teacher.

Sam bw(about a week ago)

Hi miss morris.I want to speak to you.i’m thanking you for giving me a good score at parents evening

Miss Morris(about a week ago)

You are right Ella they are some of easiest spellings I have ever set year 3 and 4, but they are top most commonly misspelt words in our class at the moment.

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