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Our class teacher is called Miss N Morris and our teaching assistant is Miss P Simpson.


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Weekly Update from year 3 and 4  (17-1-20)

Wow, what a busy week we have had.  This afternoon, Miss Simpson and I were discussing how much we have managed to cram into the timetable over the last two weeks and how the children are rising to the new challenges.  Our value this half term is perseverance and I have certainly seen this in evidence across the week with all pupils showing a commitment to their learning and a confidence that although that can't do something at the moment, that with further practise and support they will.

We kicked off our new Understanding Unit, People of God, by discussing where it comes in the 'Big Story' and why.  The children were able to discuss how The Fall brought about temptation and that people began to turn away from God.  The children understood from previous discussions around incarnation, that although the people of God had tried their best to change this, they had not succeeded, so Incarnation tells of Jesus being born.  We went on to discuss covenants and promises that we make with each other, our communities and other organisations we belong to like Brownies and Cubs.

The are really enjoying rewriting the early chapters of The Great Chocoplot and I am really enjoying hearing their ideas and reading their fabulous work.  We took a break from our sequence of learning on Thursday to join in with BBC Radio 2's story writing competition 500 words.  The live lesson gave us lots of ideas to think about ahead of writing our own.  We have also enjoyed listening to previous winners for further inspiration.

In maths perseverance with learning the times tables has shone through.  The counting stick is a great resource for this and it has certainly supported their recall of the 4 and 8 x table.  Ethan is a brilliant mathematician, famous across the school for how quickly he can recall times table facts, so I have recruited him as a counting stick teacher.  He is learning the script at the moment.  His North Star in PHSE is to become a teacher, so he is getting in extra practise early on.

Topic has been all things Mayan this week.  The children can now talk with confidence about where and how the civilization was discovered and have begun making links and comparisons with other periods of history they have learnt about.  This week we focused on the Conquistadors early discovery of Mayan pyramids in the rainforest.

In music we are learning to perform Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' which has been a really uplifting end to our Thursdays.  

Today was a messy morning as we have begun to sculpt Mayan masks using papier mache, it was lots of fun if a little messy!

Finally, thank you to all the parents who were able to join the inspire workshop with the year 4 children.  It was a pleasure to welcome you our classroom and to share with you what we get up to in science.


Miss Morris

We hope you enjoy the pictures from the week beginning 13-1-20.  

We always look forward to Mr Cadle joining us at Crowle CE First School.  This morning he arrived with a van packed full of equipment to bring the Romans to life for us.  We began the day looking at the Roman invasion on giant floor maps and adding dates to a time line.  Mr Cadle gave us the tip that we can use our fingers to remind us of key dates. 

We also discovered that Romans came to Britain for our iron, copper and gold.  We were able to handle weapons, Roman coins and broaches.  We tried on armour and other costumes from the Roman period.  We discovered just how heavy 35kg might have felt.  We also decided although their wool clothes were comfortable that they were very itchy and that the togas were difficult to put on. 

We enjoyed using the shields to practise formations and having mock battles.  Mr Cadle enjoyed battling with us too.

Mr Cadle taught us to play games played by the Romans, including 9 Men's Morris, Soldiers, Par/Impar - all of these games came with a warning not to gamble!  We soon discovered how quickly you can lose all you have.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see how much fun we had.