Crowle Book Club



We hope you last weeks recommendations.  Our poll told us that only 11 votes were cast.  Silent Night and A Word In Pigs Ear  were read by the most people.

This week we had some more of the children's favourite books.  Well done to Edward, Rufus, Isla and Amelia who confidently told the whole school why they should read their recommend book.

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go was recommended because there are great pictures.  Look out for the hot dog car, it is this weeks reviewers favourite part.

A Pigs Ear  by Nick Ward was recommended again because it is funny.

This is the Bear And The Scary Night by Sarah Hayes is a funny book because the bear plays the trumpet.

The Brave Little Puppy by Enid Blyton is recommended because there are a collection of short stories within one book.

Harry Potter And The Philosophers by J K Rowling is mysterious book with some scary moments but will keep you gripped as it is so well written.


If you read one of this weeks books, vote on the poll below.  If you want to comment on one of the books, please pop along to year 3 and 4 and let Miss Morris know what you thought.  Loved it!  Hated it! Confused by it! Miss Morris will want you to be honest and give your reasons.

Happy Reading.


Which books did you enjoy this week?