Maths Curriculum

We use the following programme of study to ensure learning is sequenced in a relevant, purposeful manner for every child at Crowle First School.

KS1 - Year 1/2 Yearly Overview

KS2 - Year 3/4 Yearly Overview


This is our "YouCan Toucan" to remind us that we can all achieve in maths!

Mathematics at Crowle CE First School

We started a new journey with our Maths learning in 2018 and we are currently adopting a mastery approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics in our school.  Underlying this approach is the belief that all children should work together to become fluent mathematicians who are able to reason and solve a variety of problems by applying what they have learned in a range of contexts.  Conceptual understanding is developed through concrete and visual representations and children are given opportunity to explain their reasoning as part of our daily Maths lessons.  Children are supported through specific planned interventions and are challenged by being exposed to a variety of rich and sophisticated problems.  Key Stages One and Two hold 10 minute fluency sessions daily, which enable the children to practise, embed and therefore become fluent in working with number and the four operations.  We encourage students to have a positive mindset and advocate that all children are able to succeed in Maths, especially when ‘Marvellous Mistakes’ are made!

Our teaching staff participated in the GLOW Maths Hub ‘Teaching for Mastery’ Research Group to continue to develop mastery teaching and learning across school. This involves working with other schools across Worcestershire, sharing examples of best practice in Maths and keeping up-to-date with the latest news and research into Mastery Maths.


Key Documents

Calculations Policy

This is taken from the White Rose Maths Hub Calculation Policy.  This is the journey of Maths your child will take throughout their time at our school.

Calculations Policy

Calculation Policy Guidance

Maths Glossary

In order to support parents with the above Calculations Policy, we created a maths glossary to support parents at home.

Crowle CE First School Maths Glossary to support Calcs Policy


Key Instant Recall Facts

In order for your child to be fully prepared for the next stage in their education, these are the Instant Recall Facts that they need to know by the end of each academic year.

Maths Key Instant Recall Facts


Mathematical Vocabulary

This booklet demonstrates the key vocabulary your child will need to be using in each Key Stage. The use of correct Mathematical vocab will help to improve children's mathematical reasoning.

Key Mathematical Vocabulary