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Curriculum Maps

We have worked hard to ensure that our curriculum is exciting, challenging and informative for all of our pupils.  Therefore, the objectives behind our curriculum are as follows:


  • Allow children to make connections across their learning and the curriculum.
  • Systematic approach to teaching vocabulary to all children.
  • Planning succinctly for the knowledge, skills and understanding we want the children to learn in each specific topic.
  • Offer children the ability to talk about their learning, through questions asked that allows them to demonstrate their understanding.


  • Fewer topics so children can now learn more in depth in each individual topic.
  • Plan for the knowledge, skills and understanding that the children will gain from each topic.
  • Plan vocabulary that the children will be taught, based on three tiers, so that all children’s vocabulary is being extended.
  • Teachers support as many connections to be made across the curriculum, so teaching is not seen as stand alone.


  • Greater connections being made for children to see how the curriculum is interwoven.
  • Greater vocabulary being planned for.
  • Children able to talk about their learning, in a way that demonstrates their understanding.

We have then created a two year rolling program of topics, as detailed on the links below: