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If your child is absent from school, for whatever reason, you must notify the school on the first day of absence no later than 9.30am . Children who are present at school are expected to participate in all activities including P.E., games and playtimes.  A doctor's letter is required for long term exemptions.

Please note: if your child is unwell he/she should not be in school as he/she will not cope with a busy day of learning and activities. Equally, any child who has been sick or has a stomach upset should not return to school within a 48 hour period. This helps to prevent bugs from spreading in school and causing staff and pupil illness. Obviously, any child who has been unwell will need a recuperation period and the best place to get better is at home.

Occasionally you will need to take your child to the doctor, dentist or optician in school time; please try to let us know in advance. For safety reasons no child can be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. All children should be signed out by the accompanying adult.

Parents are requested to inform the Headteacher of any relevant medical history that may affect your child's general development or education in the school.


Head lice have become a national problem. Please regularly check your child's hair. Head lice prefer clean, healthy hair so don't be embarrassed if you do find evidence of them.  Infected heads must be treated before the child returns to school and it is important that you let us know if your child has been infected.  


The school nurse can always be contacted to give advice and support should you have any concerns relating to your child's health.

The Audiometric nurse monitors pupils’ hearing and regularly visits the school.

Children sight is also screened and Height and Weight checks undertaken by external agencies.