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SIAMS Report

 As a Church school we have a deep theological underpinning, taken from the Bible, to inspire our way of living.  Based on our school vision, the biblical roots are taken from the following parables:

Caring - The Good Samaritan

Confident - David and Goliath

Committed to learning - House on the Rock

We feel that these parables offer a clear message of how God wishes us to live and learn together, as a whole school community.


We teach the Values that support our school vision, as another vehicle for children to develop their Christian faith and to understand what it is to lead a good and fulfilling life, for themselves but also for others.

We focus on one Value every half term, on a two year rolling programme.  We recognise that the Bible offers us the Christian values that are part of all we do, and are part of a worldwide acknowledgement by all Christians as a good way to live.  The Christian Values we use to ensure our children develop in to excellent citizens and role models for the future. We feel that these Christian Values work hand in hand to support our individual school vision.  The Christian Values we use are:

Caring is linked to the following values - Friendship, Forgiveness, Generosity, Compassion and Respect

Confidence is linked to Trust, Justice and Courage.

Committed to learning is related to Thankfulness, Perseverance, Service and Truthfulness.