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School Safety

As a school we are always concerned with the safety of your child and with this in mind we would ask you to follow the routines outlined below.

Please see your child safely through the gate where they will be met by a member of staff every morning from 8.50 a.m.  Parents should refrain from coming on to the playground area, but use the Main Visitors’ Entrance should they wish to see either a member of staff or the school secretary.

At the end of the school day we would ask you to meet your child on the playground area, leaving the pupils entrance and fire escape steps from the Keystage Two room clear.  A member of staff will see your child out safely and we would ask you to reinforce the message that if your child cannot find you, he/she must go straight back to their class teacher. Please inform us of arrangements which are different from normal routine e.g. being collected by someone else.

If, at any time, you have difficulty getting to school then please telephone school as soon as possible and we will care for your child until you arrive.


For health and safety reasons we ask parents to refrain from bringing dogs onto school grounds or leaving them tethered in such a way that they obstruct the entrances to school.


To ensure the children’s safety we keep all external doors, and the playground gates, locked from 9.00a.m. to 3.10p.m. The Visitors’ Entrance is always open and, should the office be unattended, parents should ring the bell.

All visitors must wear a visitor’s badge whilst on the premises unless they are accompanied by the Headteacher. Visitors must also sign the visitors’ book on arrival and departure. Both are located in the reception area.


In the interests of safety the premises/playground should not be used out of school hours unless prior consent or written permission has been given by the Headteacher. We ask children not to use scooters, bikes, play prams etc. on the school premises, particularly after school when the playground is crowded.


As parking around school is restricted, we would ask you to see your children safely through the gate and then move off, this greatly reduces the hazards of parked cars and eliminates congestion enabling other parents to park safely. Whilst we recognise that parking is limited, we would appreciate your support in parking carefully on the side of the road nearest the school, leaving school entrances clear.

Please be extremely vigilant when drawing up and pulling away from school.

All pupils partake in Pedestrian training and Year 4 pupils partake in cycling proficiency. As part of our Healthy Schools commitment we encourage pupils to walk to school.