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At Crowle CE First School we strive to nurture young scientists through encouraging their curiosity and developing their understanding of how the world works.  We aim to expand their confidence to work scientifically and think critically.  We  provide our children with an understanding of scientific processes and the uses / implications of science in the past, today and for the future.

Our children in reception begin to develop their enquiry skills through their topic lessons.  Their understanding of the world is supported through learning about similarities and differences in relation to objects, materials and living things.  They will have the opportunity to explore and talk about the features of their immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another.  They will make observations of animals and plants, explaining why some things occur.

Our older children are following the national curriculum.  They are taught in mixed age classes split into key stage one and key stage two.  Science is taught as a discrete subject to ensure coverage of the curriculum, but where possible meaningful links are made to topic.  Due to the nature of our mixed year group classes, units may be taught outside of their usual year group.  Please refer to Science Two Year Rolling Programme (see below) for more information.  Within each unit the teachers plan a sequence of learning that builds on prior learning, providing opportunities to revisit knowledge and skills for retention of knowledge, therefore embedding understanding.

Our science lessons in years 1 to 4, offer a combination of direct teaching and independent scientific enquiry.  Children are provided with the skills they need to pose questions, make predictions and set up fair tests.  Our key stage 2 pupils are encouraged to make their own decisions about how they will set up their experiments and record the results, building on their experience of supported enquiries in key stage one.   We place value on teaching the children the scientific vocabulary they need to share their knowledge and understanding in full sentences, both orally and written.



During your child's time at Crowle CE First School, they will be provided with continuous opportunities for working scientifically.

In years 1 and 2, working scientifically means your child will be able to:

  • ask simple questions;

  • observe closely and suggest answers to questions;

  • use simple equipment;

  • carry out simple tests;

  • identify and classify;

  • gather and record data.

In years 3 and 4, 'working scientifically' requires children to:

  • ask relevant questions;

  • set up their own simple investigations;

  • observe carefully and take accurate measurements;

  • gather, record, classify, record and present data in various ways;

  • use simple scientific language;

  • predict, explain and come to conclusions.



Please find below curriculum documents for our school: